What is responsive web design?

You may have heard of it, but you're also wondering why it's important for your small business. Watch this short video from one of our design partners >

It is important for any website's users to be able to clearly view your small business website and navigate it without the interference of design with usability. When your site is not responsive, you can face issues like links that cannot be clicked, hard-to-read text, images that are all over the screen, article headlines or paragraphs that can't be seen, and scrolling problems, among others.


The most critical aspect of having a responsive website is that Google prefers it. When your website is crawled by the Google bots, it will be determined by the HTML code if your website is compliant or not. If not, your search rankings will suffer. It's hard to know by how much, but safe to say when comparing apples to apples, your website will be ranked below a competitor that has a responsive website.


Higher Google Ranks (SEO)


Responsive web design leads to higher rankings in the leading search engines like Google. Isn't it true that the reason why you are building a website is to be found and get leads and traffic? This is certainly a MUST for every business owner. Whether small-scale or big-scale, businesses will always benefit from more traffic and leads. See how a responsive web design can work wonders for your site and business. With a responsive web design, your site can fit all kinds of devices and be viewed clearly, whether is a tablet, smartphone or laptop. So, you do not need to make another version of your website to read well on mobile devices. You just need a strategic URL to strengthen your SEO. There is no need to create different website designs for mobile gadgets. Remember to read the articles where Google says it ranks these responsive websites higher.


There is more mobile traffic than desktop traffic now.


As mentioned earlier, a website must aim to receive more traffic and leads, translating into more sales and revenue. With only one version of the responsive website, we have gotten rid of the need to create different versions of the website. This results to a single style sheet or CSS for a greater user experience. Now, any user can view your website with ease and feel comfortable about reading it, as well as staying longer from any type of device. A more consistent user experience leads to more sales. But  it also negates the doubt that comes from a user that lands on your website and finds it has not been updated, or it is unusable to some degree.


Better User Experience


When your website has been receiving great traffic and revenue, consider the increase in traffic and revenue you will get when you decide on using a responsive web design. The pages and blog posts on your site will witness an increase in organic search traffic. Contented customers visiting your site will lead to additional sales and revenue.


Use Analytics to Save Time


When your website comes in different versions that are being tracked in Google Analytics, you can save a lot of time, money and effort by including it in only one report. With responsive web design, it would be easier to track your visitors and faster to monitor them. You can save a lot of time and use it on other more important matters.


Use Mobile Development to Save Money


It is definitely easier and less costly to maintain one website, instead of multiple ones. One responsive web design makes it faster and easier to make changes and build new pages. Businesses can save a considerable amount of money and time when using a responsive web design. The time saved on a responsive web design can be used to create new blog content. It is amazing how a single responsive theme can boost a business.


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