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Local sandwich shop gets new restaurant website after a fire closed their doors for months.

Brock Sandwich new website reflects a bright future.

Dominic Amaral seemed a little distant, if not just plain busy when I first met him about his new website. Then he told me all he had to deal with during the renovation and rejuvenation of his restaurant after last years fire and smoke damage. “The insurance companies took months to get us the money needed to start working on the place.” He went on to say it was the most frustrating thing he has ever had to deal with professionally and is now looking forward to (re)building his brand.

I could sympathize with his predicament with all those hassles for months, while his team found temp jobs during the shutdown. However, Amaral used his time as wisely as possible and even commissioned a new logo for his famous artisan sandwich store. The new logo is undoubtedly non-traditional with a light blue and deep yellow contrast using a serif font and script in the text. This was one of the aspects I wanted the new website to capture, new colours, new life, a unique opportunity for Brock Sandwich in Bloordale.

i need a local web guy
New website for local restaurant.

The other essential features were making the website mobile optimized and having an email autoresponder installed to start building a local list of fans.

In addition to the above, I decided to go with a site-wide pop-up menu reflecting that mobile-first attitude as well as having a two-click max to find the menu option customers were looking for. For a small restaurant like Brock Sandwich, take-out and pick up orders are common, but so too are delivery partners. Brock uses Foodora and Ubereats, so on the website incorporated those services right in the main pop-up navigation.

One good thing about working with food businesses is that there are frequently quality images on Instagram and Facebook, and this is where I got quite a good variety to mix with the photos I took of the restaurant.