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Creative post-COVID shutdown idea from a restaurant in Montreal.

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The restaurant industry has been hit as hard as any other sector during the pandemic, and the businesses that have survived so far have exhibited determination, ingenuity, and of course – a work ethic only understood by fellow restaurateurs.

Above is a prime example of all that in action. This is a photo shared to a Facebook food and beverage group taken in a Montreal restaurant. It shows vertically hanging doors used to separate tables – expressly positioned to limit air flow and contamination between guests. I like this idea for a few reasons. It gives more confidence to customers in showing your business is taking things seriously. It allows for the spaciousness of design, art, decor, and floor space that helps minimize a cramped-in feeling. It also allows for those interesting viewing angles customers appreciate so much, while keeping service staff aware of the goings on.

french door
French doors with glass available at Home Depot

These doors can be salvage projects, but you would probably need the lite-weight version for hanging purposes. They are available at Home Depot and the like. I admit getting 10 or 20 of them can be pricey, but compared to plexiglass installations this would be a complete bargain!