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Agincourt Bakery

The Romagnuolo family owned and operated Agincourt Bakery from 1985 to 2021.

Rocky Romagnuolo still keeps an eye open for potential new locations, but he says “in the current market conditions it is very difficult for a family run business” to absorb the cost of new property leases

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rocky romagnuolo

For 3 decades, 37 years, 449 months, 1954 weekends and 13,680 days

you allowed my family to serve you.

Thirty-seven years ago, we started the most challenging and rewarding adventure of our lives when we decided to open Agincourt Bakery.

From the very beginning, you have made us feel welcome in the community. Through your continuous support, you also inspired us to try harder and give our best every day. You have given us the chance to be part of your families’ celebrations, including baby showers, birthdays, weddings, retirements and many other happy, memorable events in your lives.

We have always found pride and satisfaction in making our products and tried our best to exceed your expectations. However, now we find ourselves in a new chapter of our lives. Our journey is changing and we sincerely hope to serve our community in the future. Service runs deep in our family and if an opportunity arises that we can continue to do what we love, we would jump on it. Until then, 

On behalf of my family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Tony, Dora, Rocky, Enza & Anthony

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