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Web design services


We create websites on the WordPress platform. It offers complete flexibility, blogging and theme variations that will help to rank your website higher in the search engines.


Responsive design means your website performs perfectly no matter what device is being used. First impressions are even more critical when a potential customer first comes in contact with your business.

Web Design Toronto

We serve the entire Toronto and GTA area including Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax. Whitby and Oshawa.

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Is your website ready for business?

mobile traffic*
4 %

Percentage of all internet traffic that comes from a mobile device.

Search first*
31 %

Percentage of people who search a business online before any other contact is made.

bad website*
1 %

Percentage of users that will leave a website if the design or layout is unattractive.

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Toronto Web Design Services

Web design services.

Your business needs a website. That much is a given. But do you know why? What is it supposed to do for you? How does it help your prospective customers decide to do business with you?

A new website for your small or medium business isn’t just about it looking great – it has to answer questions. It has to make an immediate impact on users the very first time they land on one of your pages. It has to work. A website that works is a website that makes you money. Ever since the wide-scale adoption of the internet, there have been a plethora of web designers that can create nice looking web designs. At Infonickel Digital Marketing, we believe that is only part of the process.

What makes a great website?

Simply put, it’s when a user lands on one of your pages and accomplishes something. You see, most small business owners will think about having a website that serves their goals, however a productive and profitable site resolves questions for the user. “Where do I buy hardwood for my kitchen?” “What are the best places for Italian catering?” “Who has the best deals on winter tires?” Infonickel means turning data into sales for your business. When your website is designed to serve your potential customers based on real data, only then will you have a profitable web presence.

A perfect User Experience or UX is the ultimate goal for a small business website, since your visitors will be landing on your pages with a specific purpose in mind. If your designer can compliment that with a robust User Interface or UI, then you have a page that Google will appreciate, because your users will appreciate it.

We build websites that look good and perform even better – on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. We also install Google analytics on every page of your site to monitor the performance of your website from the first day it launches. We’ll even send you monthly reports for you to analyze critical traffic reports that can tell you a lot about the user experience you are offering to your internet visitors.

Website designers know code.

Website designs are built on languages that run in browser software. The basic language is HTML 5 supported in large part by CSS and javasscript. The latter two add flexibility and design features, while the HTML holds it all together by presenting in a visual manner inside a browser.

There is also a lot of planning involved as well as managing and editing images, written content and hyperlinks.

What is a responsive website?

Responsive web design came about with the proliferation of devices with different screen sizes. As soon as the iPhone was introduced in 2007 and later the iPad in 2010, it opened the market up to all kinds of competitive devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. During this time web designers realized that a one-sized website made for desktop was less than ideal for a screen that was the size of a palm. Hence new HTML, CSS, and JAVA code (the languages used to create websites) adopted new protocols that allowed for web pages to redistribute and resize content best displayed on the particular screen of the user. In more everyday language, the same webpage adjusts itself to fit perfectly on any device, no matter the screen size.

To that end, Infonickel web design services focus on creating websites using WordPress, which is a content management platform powered by a database on your host. WordPress is a common platform that is used by more than 30% of the entire world wide web. It combines the languages mentioned above while also providing powerful SEO and blogging features that can be used to take your website to the next level regarding traffic and competitiveness. WordPress is also the most efficient way to make sure that any user on any device will have the best possible responsive experience.

As competitive as the internet can be for small businesses, you’d be surprised to realize how real data can make it rather easy to decide on a strategy and win new business by investing in a custom built website. Whether you are a local plumber, bread bakery, used car lot, retail store, craft shop, an independent lawyer, mortgage broker, etc. you can absolutely win new business by having a professionally designed website.

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